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I'm BACK!!!!

Well, know, it's been 3 months, the least I could do is update this thing from time to time, especially with the release of Scary Movie a few weeks back. I'll be offering my review of that shortly. But in the meantime, here's an American Pie 2 (and a Scary Movie one, too) headline from Entertainment Weekly.



Shannon Elizabeth Headlines

American Pie makes Millionaire: During the fastest finger round of Who Wants to be a Millionaire they asked to put four movies in order of how much money they made in 1999. American Pie was one of the choices, coming behind The Matrix and The Blair Witch Project, but ahead of Never Been Kissed.

I'm not Shannon: For the people who weren't sure, I'm not Shannon. This is just a fan site. I appreciate your comments, but I appreciate the comments.

NEW SHANNON MOVIE: Reuters/Excite reports that Shannon Elizabeth is now in talks to star in a filmalled Tomcats with Jerry O'Connell of Scream 2. The film apparently has a budget of 10-12 million and will be directed by Gregory Poirier under a currently unnamed indie division of Disney. The article states, "The story centers on six pals who agree to ante up, with the last fellow to tie the knot receiving the jackpot." Well, well--isn't this interesting news, be sure to keep checking back as more develops.

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NEW SHANNON SITE HELP SHANNON GET VOTED SEXIEST OF 2000!!!: Now located at you can find a new Shannon site designed to help Shannon get voted FHM's Sexiest Woman of 2000. Check out the site for more and make sure that you vote!!!

SHE'S NUMBER TWO (but number one in our hearts): Thanks to everyone who has made Shannon number two on the Shannon Elizabeth Shrine on Yahoo! Well, Shannon is less than 200 members away from being NUMBER ONE!!! Now I know that this site gets over 1000 visits a day, so if you can just go over to the Shrine and join up, we can put Shannon over the top! I know Shannon will really appreciate it as she puts an emphasis on her fans, and this is our opportunity to give back! Now what are you waiting for? Get out of here and go to the Shannon Elizabeth Shrine and join.

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